EMS Planned Preventative Maintenance

Entrusting business processes to dedicated service providers who can perform them more efficiently and cost effectively, allows organizations more freedom to innovate and specialize, pursuing excellence in their core business field.

As manufacturing organizations continually seek to reduce costs and increase productivity in an increasingly competitive market place, outsourcing non-core activities can mean the difference between success and failure.

Today the importance of maintenance is highlighted and world-leading organizations are hiring expert contractors to fulfill the functions.  Maintenance of production equipment is an extremely important business function, as an effective maintenance program is all that stands between a manufacturing organization and catastrophic loss of production.

Some of the primary motivators for those manufacturers are maximizing production uptime, reduction of operating costs, lowering staffing requirements, working with lower capital and access to new efficiencies.

With a contractor such as Eagle Machine conducting EMS PM plan will be implemented and strictly adhered to, so the customer can be assured that all necessary maintenance tasks are being fulfilled, maximizing the machine uptime and protecting the company’s production assets.

Contrary to popular opinion, increased costs are not associated with outsourcing maintenance, in fact, quite the opposite. Costs will rise in the short term as contractors initiate the changes required in the maintenance function. In the long term successful maintenance always reduces a plant’s production costs by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime, increasing the life of production assets and a reduction in the waste of resources.

The other aspect of outsourcing maintenance is the procurement of spare parts for conducting preventative and planned maintenance. Procurement of spares is a time consuming job for any business and in the manufacturing industry there can be hundreds of parts to track for their maintenance program.  That is why it is understandable that some manufacturers prefer to outsource this together with their maintenance personnel requirements.

Manufacturers today operate some of the most complex and technologically advanced facilities in the world. In order to keep these sites running smoothly, many manufacturers utilize twenty to thirty suppliers for activities as diverse as maintenance, spares procurement and fabrications. By employing Eagle Machine Inc. in a facility management partnership manufacturers can rationalize the cost of ownership, passing the responsibility for these non-core activities to experts in their field.

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